Program and services for youth

AJFAS’s goals are the following:

  • Help integrate Francophone immigrant youths and families in Alberta society and workplace;
  • Promote intercultural exchanges and fight any kind of discrimination;
  • Fight violence and prevent delinquency and incivility among Francophone immigrant youths;
  • Promote and protect the rights of Francophone immigrant women who live in Alberta;
  • Encourage youths, parents and other community members to embody the following values: democracy, tolerance, self-esteem and respect;
  • Encourage parents and youths to be responsible to make the family unit and community they live in stronger.


"Écoutez ma pensée / Hear my thoughts" is  an educational workshop for Francophone youths immigrant about the Canadian legal system, the rights and duties of citizens, the school system and inter-generational conflicts. We focus on questions that youths can be interested in like :

  •  Young Offenders Act: how to live with two cultures, sexual harassment, etc;
  •  Awareness and  information workshops • Workshops for Francophone  immigrant youths and women on different topics;
  •  Mutual help towards integration.


Leisure and cultural activities

These activities are aimed at families and take place during summer time.

Parents and children can have fun together. Our goal is to make immigrant families happy and stronger.

Activities include:

    • trips through Canada;
    • visits to historical and touristic sites;
    • leisure activities;
    • barbecues etc...